Mischeif Storm

Cheif has come so far in only a short amount of time. He has really proven himself as a all around horse. Not only in the speed ring but also the pleasure ring. There is so many more things this guy can do and he is only starting. 1D/2D pole horse and a 1-4D barrel horse. He is going to go so far in the years to come!

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Chasin Steel

Chase has some big goal ahead of him and we feel he will get there with the right amount of time.


Diamond is indeed the most special pony we have ever had. He came home in the bed of the pickup and has never left the farm. Just a little grade pony who was used as a therapeutic mount by R.E.I.N.S. This little pony wont ever be going any where. He is now officially a pasture ornament and Froya's best friend.

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