Maximom Madilene

2017 APHA Reserve World Champion Am. SBP Poles

Maddie is a special mare with a very big attitude in a little body. She has earned her life long spot on the farm and will always be a favorite for times to come.

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Mad Jax June Bug

This baby has been the pride and joy of everything that's done. She reflects all the best qualities and some of the worse ones but nonetheless she is growing into a fine young lady. JB has a very bright future ahead of her and she will be given ever opportunity to succeed.

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Cheyenne's Froya

Froya is the old fashion Fjord sporting the short legs and compacted body. The more desirable looking Fjord in our opinions. She is mainly used for driving, halter, showmanship and pleasure, but ever once in a while she will go to a speed show for fun and laugh the day away. This mare is so fun that no one can have a bad day with her. She tries to please you every time you ask something of her and she always does to the best of her ability.

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Mightywhite Juno

Earned over $19k on the track

Stake and claiming race winner

Produced stake and claiming race winners

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Breezy Roan Bones MA

Rest in peace pretty girl

April 21, 2012 - March 10, 2015

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When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. ~Author Unknown

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